Qualified Jurisdiction (E) Working Group

2019 Charges

The Qualified Jurisdiction (E) Working Group will:

  1. Develop and maintain the NAIC List of Qualified Jurisdictions in accordance with theProcess for Developing and Maintaining the NAIC List of Qualified Jurisdictions.
  2. In conjunction with any revisions to the Credit for Reinsurance Model Law (#785) and the Credit for Reinsurance Model Regulation (#786), the Working Group is directed to consider changes to the Process for Developing and Maintaining the NAIC List of Qualified Jurisdictions to require that qualified jurisdictions recognize key NAIC solvency initiatives, including group supervision and group capital standards, as well as require strengthening of the information-sharing requirements between the states and qualified jurisdictions, in order for reinsurers domiciled in qualified jurisdictions to receive similar treatment to European Union (EU) reinsurers under the "Bilateral Agreement Between the United States of America and the European Union on Prudential Measures Regarding Insurance and Reinsurance" (Bilateral Agreement), and processes of removal of qualified jurisdiction status in the event of a breach.


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